Slab X-treme is the 'Free Spirit' of the Slab Group. It is where innovative design is nurtured and tradition discarded.  

The Focus of Slab X-treme is to break the rules while developing exceptional products that redefine sound.

It is within this environment that design altering products such as 'Volare' are created.

The "Volare" is a gleaming testament to the design philosophy of Slab X-treme; one that is essentially architectural.

It defies traditional speaker technology, breaking time-bound rules and setting new performance standards in the audio arena.

It is crafted using the timeless qualities of aluminium. This material will be the hallmark of X-treme portfolio, enduring the test of time and pushing the design envelope.

"Volare is a fusion of sound and art - it is audio design beyond performance"

"Design Notes"

Innovation through Inspiration;

The Volare system is powered by two carbon-fibre Ovolo TM Drivers, and a 1 inch aluminium dome tweeter.

The Ovolo driver is an integrated unit incorporating the driver and enclosure.

The shape of the Ovolo driver was chosen for its aerodynamic and acoustic qualities. With its continuously changing curvature, the Ovolo minimizes distortion and presents a clear musical image.

Aluminium construction provides unprecedented heat sinking and system stability for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Rear ViewFront View
Carbon Detailing