Home Audio

Back to back but looking forward.

Two years after miniaturising our panel technology to create world leading Multi-media speakers, Slab again takes the lead in home audio panel speaker development.

The objective, to deliver full range quality audio with real bass out of a design which pleases the eye and teases the imagination. The answer to every woman's dreams, "it's not a box"!

On the left is the new Slab 50 watt RMS, three-way panel speaker system. On the right is the popular Technics SB-T200. Performance and price between the two will be competitive, although the Slab exhibits the unmistakable NATURAL 3D™ of a panel speaker, giving your music a warm, full and spatial effect in your home.

Products of this performance are now being developed by Slab's licensees and distributors retail sales in 2002.

For more information on how to harness Slab creativity to your advantage, please use our online enquiry form.

  • Passive speakers (Stand alone Bookshelf speakers)
  • 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers (stand alone for home audio)
  • "Breaking the sound barrier" Slab High performance panel speakers deliver 50 watts RMS and above (40HZ to 20KHZ) which will set a new price point and standard in panel speakers. These sample speakers will become available via SLAB's customers and licensees only.

Back to Back but looking forward