Key Technologies

The shape of things to come

Slab Sound challenges the frontiers of design and technology. We are driven by the desire to produce speakers that are slim, dramatic and exceptional in their design. While embodying essential spatial sound dispersion and exquisite output.

Why our world is flat

While cone speakers are housed in cumbersome cabinets that are often considered to be heavy and unsightly, Slab panels are light, aesthetically superior, and distinctively ...flat. Slab has developed flat panel speakers that have a number of design, construction and operational features that deliver high quality performance in a cost effective manner making them an extremely attractive option.

Key Points:

  • Smooth frequency response. Full sound with Low distortion
  • Excellent bass extension, even from small panel sizes
  • Unlimited design flexibility

Design benefits:

  • Reduced component count and complexity hence lower cost
  • Great scope for design trends – cover in cloth, film, paint, pictures or embossed material
  • Variable size options commonly ranging from 50 mm x 50 mm to over 400 mm x 600 mm and can be as thin as 9 mm including the enclosure.
  • Many options for driving and mounting the speaker often requiring only a single exciter
  • Can be made to meet UL94 fire standard
  • Tough material results in very low manufacturing spoilage
  • Water and chemical resistant

Operational benefits:

  • Greatly reduced shipping and storage costs
  • Improved speed to market
  • Completely scalable performance
  • Technical innovation allowing added value sales margins.
  • Panel material has relatively low cost and is readily available all over the world
  • Reduced manufacturing complexity and tool wear
  • Panel material is a mature product with widespread use in other industries
  • Panel can be as thin as 2mm, for “off the shelf” materials - less for proprietary extrusions
  • Panel material is inherently insensitive to manufacturing variations

Consumer benefits:

  • Competitive price range.
  • Durability - Long life span
  • Low environmental toxicity
  • Lightweight with increased space utilization and presentation options for the listening or living environment.
  • Broad demographic and gender appeal with the ability to develop specialist product for defined target markets.

Performance benefits:

  • Smooth tonal quality
  • Lower Q than other panel materials
  • High power handling and linear range
  • Can achieve genuine +/- 6 dB frequency response in pass band
  • Slab panels can produce frequencies down to 40Hz
  • Panel's performance parameters can easily be tailored to accommodate the designer's dreams. I.e. complex shaped panels can be engineered to output smooth and pleasing frequency response
  • Low bass extension makes the Slab panel ideal for Multimedia 2.0 systems