Whats New


Slab continues second generation Nickelodeon novelty speaker development for Emerson Radio
Slab begins shipment of speakers to Koss (owned by Logitec) for sale to Wal-Mart Canada
Slab commences new product development and supply of Home Audio speakers to Emerson USA
Slab begins a flat panel speaker development for comercial passenger jets.
Slab International sells Slab DSP Avionics Business to Phitek Systems
Slab's high power Home Theatre speaker project with Eastech wins another International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award 2003 at CES 2003
Mission fs1, the ultra-slim home cinema speaker system, wins an International CES Innovations, Design and Engineering Award 2003

Slab invited to participate in and sponsors the New Zealand pavillion celebrating the success of New Zealand's most innovative companies at the Americas Cup base in Auckland
Over 1 Million speakers using Slab's patented flat panel technology set industry standard
Mission Begins selling the FS1 home theatre system using Slab Flat panel innovation
Slab begins volume shipment of flat panel multimedia systems to Packard Bell for UK Sales
Slab begins volume shipment of flat panel multimedia systems to Maxell in USA
Slab DSP remote jack module Noise Cancellation module installed in Lufthansa aircraft
Slab Sound joins with Eastech to develop and promote flat panel home audio speaker systems.
Slab DSP launches a scaled down version of its Virtuoso system as a plug-in for Winamp.
Armstrong ships ceiling panel speakers using various Slab technologies into Europe and the US.
Slab X-treme tests the Volare product with a range in Europe and Asia.
Slab Asia begins to ship flat panel speaker products from its China operation.

Philips beings volume sales of flat speaker products based on Slab technology.
TDK begins volume sales of flat panel speaker products based on Slab technology.
Slab acquires Audio Fusion Limited and the Volare range to market under the X-treme brand.
Slab Sound acquires AGC and establishes Slab Asia Limited.
Slab Sound and NXT sign cross-licence agreement for flat panel speaker technologies.
Slab DSP and Antonio Precise Product Manufactory sign MOU for joint product development.

Slab DSP formed to develop noise cancellation systems for aviation.
Slab Technology wins the Bank of New Zealand "Innovative Business of the Year".
Seven leading brands including Labtec ship Slab Sound panel speaker products.
AMP Henderson invests $10m into Slab International to fund the growth and expansion of Slab DSP and Slab Sound.
Slab DSP joins with Matsushita Avionics Systems to promote noise cancellation technologies.

Slab Technology (Sound Lab) formed as a partnership between Graeme Jones, Kelly waterman, Chris Lock and John Corey to manage the development and marketing of a truly innovative and scalable technology.

Graeme Jones begins inital investigations into flat panel speakers.